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Hot Weather working with Concrete & Building Mortar

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Here are some precautions when handling, placing, finishing and curing concrete and mortar in hot weather:


  • Concrete slab should be sprayed with water and shaded from solar gain
  • Schedule concrete pours for a cooler part of the day
  • Stagger deliveries to prevent concrete from sitting in hot temperatures
  • Dry and hot absorbent surfaces should be moistened before placing concrete
  • Order concrete in a higher slump class to counter slump loss in hot conditions
  • Increase workability to help placing
  • Ensure adequate manpower available on-site to place concrete
  • Specify a retarding admixture to delay the setting time


  • Keep in cool and shaded environment
  • Store bricks and blocks in the shade
  • Rinse tubs before mortar is put into them
  • Place water on top of the tub cover to shield the mortar from heat

For more information, check out www.mpani.org