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Introducing the newest member of the RTU fleet … the custom built Ultrabead Volumetric Mixer.

This latest addition will allow production of Ultrabead insulating screed on site for any size of project. Check out some photos of the Ultrabead installation process at a recently completed job.



What is Ultrabead?

A One-Size-Fits-All Product

Ultrabead is a poured insulating layer that offers a modern alternative to traditional insulating boards while providing improved thermal efficiency, productivity and economy to our customers.

RTU has developed this highly technical product with insulating and lightweight properties to support a wide range of construction applications for floors and flat roofs.

Ultrabead delivers a form of liquid engineering designed to encapsulate all service conduits, eliminating the thermal bridge and cold joints to create a uniformly insulated layer ready for the floor screed application.

In addition to being an improved option over PIR/EPS insulation boards, Ultrabead’s low density acts as a lightweight void filler that improves any commercial building or home’s acoustic performance. Also, the application of Ultrabead is incredibly efficient. Only a single layer is required, which can be mixed, pumped and poured on-site as you need it, making it quicker to install, less labour intensive and cost-effective.


Ultrabead is produced in-house at the RTU headquarters in accredited ISO 9001, ISO 14001 manufacturing facilities. Stringent quality control procedures are in place at all stages of the manufacture and installation processes to ensure a consistently high-quality product output. Ultrabead is installed by expert installers within our approved network.

For more information on Ultrabead please contact our sales team on 028 9085 1441 or sales@rtu.co.uk