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Exposa® Featured At The Refurbished Tropical Ravine in Botanic Gardens

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The Tropical Ravine in Botanic Gardens has just re-opened to the public after a £3.8m restoration project. The Ravine has been completely modernised with the addition of an innovative state of the art fogging and misting system, a frameless glass façade, accessible lift and interactive information panels.

The Victorian Ravine opened originally in 1889 and consisted of a sunken glen which could be viewed from a high level balcony. Several grottoes were landscaped into the walls, lit by candles and fitted with mirrors to create an interesting lighting effect. There was also a waterfall located above the lower level pool.

Today, the ravine houses exciting plant species such as the Killarney Fern, orchid, banana, cinnamon, bromeliad and some of the world’s oldest seed plant.

RTU was delighted to be appointed by architects Hall Black Douglas and Contractors McAleer & Teague to supply approximately 350 square metres of Exposa Decorative Concrete Amber Beach 01, at the entrance and around the main balcony.

Shane McCauley, Site Foreman commented, “RTU is a professional team and the technical support provided was invaluable. Exposa is a very versatile product and works perfectly in the setting of the new Tropical Ravine. All deliveries from RTU arrived on time and the use of the conveyor lorry meant that the Exposa was delivered directly into the upper level location which saved us time and money. I would have no hesitation in recommending RTU or Exposa Decorative Concrete.”