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Award Winning Exposa Featured At Award Winning Galgorm Resort & Spa

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RTU was delighted when Galgorm Resort & Spa chose Exposa Decorative Concrete for the garden areas of their newly extended spa.

Recently completed and now open to the public, Galgorm Spa has just been announced as Global Spa of the Year 2017, a well-deserved accolade for this amazing destination.

RTU supplied 440 square metres of Exposa for the relaxation gardens at the Spa.  A mixture of Exposa Tuscan Pebble 01 and Exposa Autumn Sunset 51 was chosen for patios, pathways and steps throughout the new garden.   

With a natural aggregate finish, Exposa® has the durability and structural integrity of concrete.  It is designed to withstand heavy traffic and extremes of weather without shrinking or heaving.  With the added benefit of a low maintenance finish, Exposa® also inhibits the proliferation of weeds and moss.  It is also a naturally slip resistant product, making it the perfect choice for the new gardens at Galgorm Spa. The flexibility of the product allows designers and architects alike to be as bold or subtle in their design as required. With a wide variety of colours and finishes, Exposa® allows you to shape your space to maximum effect – straight or curved or anything in between.  When used together in one project, different colours of Exposa® work extremely well side by side to create a stunning effect.