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Installing underfloor heating system


Modern floor constructions using underfloor heating systems are in effect "technical floors", ie the screed, underfloor heating pipes, insulation all combine to create your heating system.

Historically underfloor heating systems in Ireland have been fitted with traditional sand:cement screeds at 100mm depth. This leads to inefficient heat transfer. Performance is optimised by specifying ultraflo hemihydrate liquid screed.

fantastic performance

  • ultraflo enables heat to be transmitted to the room up to 4 times faster than with sand:cement screed. The high performance is due to the fact that the heating pipes are fully encapsulated with ultraflo to a depth of only 50mm. This is in contrast to the much deeper 100mm of non-compacted sand:cement screed.

  • ultraflo greatly enhances control of room temperature with underfloor heating, providing rapid response time and overcoming heat-lag commonly experienced with sand:cement screed. Enhanced thermal control increases comfort within the building and reduces energy costs.

underfloor heating systems liquid screed - ultraflo

energy efficiency

  • Due to greater thermal conductivity the source water temperature can be supplied up to 5oC lower to achieve the same screed surface tempatures, when compared to sand:cement screed. The reduced source temperature represents a cost savings on the operation of the heating system.

  • For renewable systems such as ground and air source heat pumps the system works more efficiently the lower the water temperature requirements, so with ultraflo greater efficiency can be utilised.

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"We have been very impressed by the overall RTU approach, service and professionalism. The sales adviser provided a consistently high level of service throughout. We found the office based staff to be very helpful and accommodating. The RTU approach is a breath of fresh air amongst the pressures of building a new home. We would recommend RTU with no hesitation at all. Thank You."

John & Amanda Lindsay

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