Drying Times of Ultraflo Liquid Floor Screed
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drying times

  • Under good drying conditions of 20c and 65% relative humidity ultraflo hemihydrate liquid floor screed laid at 40mm will dry in 40 days.

  • 1mm per day for first 40mm then 1/2mm per day for each mm of additional depth. For example 50mm screed will dry in 60 days.

  • With the use of under floor heating, a 50mm ultraflo hemihydrate liquid floor screed can be force dried in less than a month.

  • If surface finishes are fixed to a sand:cement screed prior to drying they may subject to cracking as a result of curling or shrinkage.


ULTRAFLO in action at Clive & Gillian Corry house....


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