Benefits of Ultraflo Liquid Floor Screed
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  • Not subject to surface laitance (a scum/dust of material adhering to the top of the screed during the curing process.) This unique benefit means ultraflo hemihydrate requires no buffing/grinding to the floor surface prior to application of floor finishes.

  • Not subject to shrinkage cracking or curling, resulting in substantial reduction of movement joints.

  • Significantly faster heat response times resulting in greater thermal efficiency when used with under floor heating. Read more

  • Speed of installation, up to 2000m2 per day, and is virtually self-leveling.

  • Reduced laying depths, weights and drying times.

  • Allows light traffic in 24 hours.

  • Less labour intensive installation - greatly reduced health and safety risks.

  • Quality controlled mix for consistency. (Accredited to ISO 9001)

  • Impeccable eco-friendly credentials, being formulated from a by-product of flue gas desulphurisation.



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