Advantages of Liquid Floor Screed over Traditional Sand Cement Floor Screed
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Advantages over Sand:Cement Screed

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   ADVANTAGES over Sand:Cement Floor Screed

    • Ultraflo® is subject to minimal drying shrinkage as it is not a cement based product. You can expect a virtually crack-free floor in contrast to sand:cement screed.
    • Ultraflo® allows light traffic within 24 hours.
    • Ultraflo® can be force-dried by turning the heat on or de-humidifiers which would facilitate early installation of floor coverings.
    • Ultraflo® has high flexural and compressive strength allowing installation at greatly reduced depths. The liquid nature of the screed provides a superior surface finish over traditional sand:cement screed.
    • Ultraflo® has impeccable eco-friendly credentials. A large percentage of the product is manufactured using recycled material.
  • Ultraflo® can be installed at 2000 sq metres per day in contrast to sand:cement screed 200 sq metres per day.

View Ultraflo® Hemihydrate Liquid Screed in action

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