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Coloured Mortar


...much more than the medium for bonding bricks and block!   RTU manufacturers over 40 shades of coloured mortar for an ever-increasing assortment of brick and block designs and colours which are available today.

W H Y  C O L O U R E D  M O R T A R?

Coloured mortar can be used as an architectural tool to make an impact on certain sections or throughout a building. The options are endless, whether to compliment the brick or offer a contrast. We can colour match any existing mortar already used previously on a building for example the second phase of a project or even a garden wall. All of our mortar can be mixed to the colour you require including our coloured sand allowing total flexibility to your project.

Benefits at a glance
RTU Supplied ready mixed mortar to Bar Library for Gilbert Ash Ltd
  • Guaranteed colour consistency
  • No need for on-site mixing equipment or storage facilities
  • Quality assured product
  • Accurate cement content
  • Guaranteed to meet specification
  • Saving on time and labour costs
  • Reduced wastage and pilferage

C H O O S I N G   the   R I G H T   C O L O U R   and   D E L I V E R Y   M E T H O D

Did you know that roughly 20% of the surface area of a brick wall is constituted of the mortar joints that hold the brick together? That 20% of surface area can have an amazing impact on the final exterior appearance of your masonry project.  To assist in selecting the perfect match we provide a coloured sample kit. The samples of coloured building mortar can be placed between bricks to give a better indication of how it will look. RTU is committed to continually meet the needs of our customers, we can advise on the best product and delivery method based on your individual circumstances. Deliveries are available to the Greater Belfast area and throughout Northern Ireland.


RTU factory produced mortar delivers quality time after time. All mortars are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 998-2 and BS EN 12878 by our advanced computerized batching plant and a state of the art pigment system. This ensures a consistent colour mix, with guaranteed mix proportions and compressive strength throughout your project, no matter how many batches you require. RTU operate a factory production control system which ensures our mortars comply with ever increasing tough European regulations. RTU has influence on the British Standards as we are members of MIA (Mortar Industry Association) and sit on the MIA technical panel which is the recognized UK authoritative voice on mortar technology.

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That roughly 20% of the surface area of a brick wall is constituted of the mortar joints that hold the brick together!

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