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University of Ulster compare ultraflo with traditional screed


A recent comparative study undertaken by the University of Ulster has conclusively demonstrated the superior thermal performance of ultraflo®  over traditional screeds.  This involved the construction of two experimental simulated rooms.  Both simulations were built up with insulation and underfloor heating components prior to applying a 50mm layer of ultraflo®  and a 100mm layer of sand/cement screed respectively, typical of current building practices.

The two samples had been encapsulated within fully insulated boxes to simulate a typical room atmosphere.  In both cases the same water source was used.  With a water flow temperature of 42°C the system was run for a set period of time until it was considered that the temperatures had stabilised.  Data was collated electronically, measuring the temperatures as the screeds heated up.  Data received from thermocouples placed on the screed surface produced results as represented in the Graph A.

The various experiments demonstrated conclusively that ultraflo®  has a “much faster thermal response than the traditional sand/cement screed”.  Based on results received from thermocouples placed in the air above the screed samples, it was noted that the ultraflo® sample achieved a 10°C increase in air temperature within 3 hours.  By contrast, the sand/cement screed sample required almost 10 hours to achieve the same effect.  This 10°C increase was deemed to represent a realistic temperature increase requirement in real life conditions to arrive at optimal room temperature. (Graph B)

Further tests showed that the surface equilibrium of the ultraflo®  sample was 4°C higher than for the sand/cement sample.  This would allow an underfloor heating system with ultraflo®  to be run at a lower temperature while achieving the same surface temperature.  Ultimately this benefit will provide a saving in energy bills.

ultraflo®  hemihydrate liquid screed is increasingly being perceived by specifiers as an essential and integral part of any underfloor heating system.  This is largely due to the rapid heat reaction time of up to 4 times faster than would normally be achieved by traditional screeds. 

Due to their material composition and the variability of on-site compaction, traditional screeds tend to contain voids and air pockets.  These voids lead to poor thermal contact between the screed and underfloor heating pipes, thus diminishing the thermal response of the screed. 

By contrast, ultraflo®  is factory-produced and is laid in liquid form.  This ensures product consistency and provides a screed which achieves complete encapsulation of the underfloor heating pipework.   Thermal efficiency is therefore greatly enhanced, allowing for superior control of underfloor heating, providing much quicker heat reaction times and significantly reducing heating bills. 

ultraflo®  is available throughout all of Ireland. For more information about this product and distribution details, please contact the RTU sales team on +44 (0)28 9085 1441.

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