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Ultralfo liquid screed flows out at Dublin Selfbuild Show


The 14-16th September 2012 saw the return of the Dublin Self Build Show and underlined the increasing market strength of ultraflo® hemihydrate liquid floor screed by RTU.  Over 9000 visitors to the Citywest Hotel venue made for a very worthwhile opportunity to again showcase the ultraflo® brand. 

The Dublin Self Build Show is held annually and gives self-builders from all over Ireland an opportunity to engage with suppliers and to find out about the latest products and technologies available to enhance build quality and promote sustainable building practices throughout Ireland.

RTU were pleased to attend the show for the 3rd successive year with partners Hanlon Concrete, who are the ultraflo® representatives for the Leinster Area.  The eyecatching ultraflo® stand again turned heads at the exhibition and secured a large amount of valuable leads for both companies.

Despite the current economic recession that has hit the construction industry hard in the past number of years, ultraflo® continues to enjoy strong success with the increasingly discerning self-build sector.  As Ireland’s only factory-produced hemihydrate liquid floor screed, and installed exclusively by approved ultraflo® installers, the sales growth experienced by ultraflo® bears testimony to the fact that quality still sells, in spite of a contracting market.  

ultraflo® hemihydrate liquid floor screed is widely regarded as the market leader in all pumpable screeds.  One of the most significant advantages of ultraflo® is that, unlike most anhydrite liquid screeds, ultraflo® does not dry with a surface laitance.  This means that ultraflo® does not require any surface sanding or buffing after installation, thus saving time and labour.  ultraflo® offers a perfect key to accept your choice of floor covering.

ultraflo® also offers many advantages over traditional floor screeds for projects with or without underfloor heating.  There is no shrinkage cracking with ultraflo®, and the much shallower laying depth means the drying time is greatly reduced, facilitating quicker application of floor coverings.  In addition, ultraflo® can be laid over ten times faster than traditional sand:cement screeds, with installers such as RTU capable of laying up to 2000Mper day.

In addition, when ultraflo® is used with underfloor heating, the heat reaction time is significantly faster than can be achieved with traditional screeds.  This flexibility greatly increases thermal efficiency and can save money on heating bills!

ultraflo® is available throughout all of Ireland, with RTU exclusively responsible for the province of Ulster.  For more information about this product contact the RTU sales team on 028 9085 1441.

25th September 2012

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