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Greenmount go on tour......!


On Wednesday 13th October RTU welcomed ten students and two lecturers from Greenmount Agricultural College. A lot of the students are undertaking a unit called 'Providing State Maintenance Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture.

The aim of the visit to our plant was to create more awareness for the students with regard to what is available on the market in respect to concrete products. It was hoped it would give them a wider knowledge of surface finishes, paving, plaster and mortar colours, in general all the multi uses of concrete products and their finishes as well as making them aware of all ingredients from start to finish.

On the day of their tour the weather was in our favor and after welcoming the enthusiastic students Daniel McIlroy gave them a tour of the plant followed by a presentation which included an introduction of the 'ultraflo hemihydrate liquid screed'. The students expressed their surprise at the technology and precision which is involved with the production of such products i.e. mortar, plaster etc. and hopefully it was an eye opener for them to the numerous amount of products at their disposal for future use.  

All in all they felt it was a worthwhile visit to be repeated the same time next year!!

13th October 10

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